By Dr. Doris Day, Posted Date: Nov 14, 2013

After just three months of using ROGAINE® Foam twice daily, I’m thrilled to report that all five of our guys have taken control of their hair loss and many are starting to show early signs of hair regrowth. Here’s a snapshot of their progress:

Kenny: Proof that using ROGAINE® Foam at the first signs of hair loss pays off, Kenny is probably noticing regrowth more than anybody in the crown area. Consistency will be the key to his continued success so I recommend he continues to use it on his entire scalp to help stop loss.

Brandon: Like Kenny, Brandon is at the very early stages of thinning in the crown area. While I’m not seeing a huge amount of regrowth yet, I’m also not seeing any additional hair loss which is a good thing. My advice is to continue using ROGAINE® Foam twice daily as it can take several months before regrowth is obvious. I’m happy to see that it’s helping stop hair loss but I’m still holding out for re-growth as well.

Raz: When Raz started on his hair regrowth journey he had slightly advanced hair loss and has responded well to ROGAINE® Foam. After three months, there is less visible scalp and, while he may not notice it himself, I can definitely see growth starting at the follicles which means he should start seeing a greater impact in the next few months.

Greg: When Greg first started he had diffuse thinning and I can see a noticeable improvement after using ROGAINE® Foam for three months. If Greg sticks with the twice daily routine, he’ll see an even greater response in the next months.

Kevin: When he started using ROGAINE® Foam, Kevin’s hair loss was much more advanced than most of the other guys but he has proven to be in the top tier of outstanding responders. Compliance has made all the difference so if he continues to use it twice daily he will see even greater results over time.

As I always say, anything worthwhile is worth the wait and the effort but seeing the early success of these men will hopefully motivate others to take control of their hair loss and embark on their own journey. Be sure to check back in the coming months for future status updates as they continue to grow their game.



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